Our objetive

Scalable projects that help create a better world

We are a Venture Capital Fund with the aim of investing in seed stage startups. We support entrepreneurs with innovative disruptive business models that can assimilate accelerated growth.

Exciting projects which can also be scalable and help create a better world, solving both the needs of society and the market.

The people

The entrepreneurs’ passion

Zeal, enthusiasm and experience are the determining characteristics that the founding team brings together.

Our priority is people, the passion of entrepreneurs. From experience we know that spirit, work and commitment are the essential factors of success. Only by collaborating with people who feel the essence of their project will objectives be achieved.

Creation and growth

The present stage

It is essential to know the present stage of each project. Our intention is to invest mainly in Pre-Seed and Seed funding. Creation and growth. The purpose is to develop together and intervene in the management and growth of the project when help is needed.

Once we obtain real data, evaluate the Growth Stage and its expansion, we will enter future rounds with our own fund or with family capital firms that invest in more advanced stages of  project development and more secure and analyzed projects. Our mission will always be to accompany entrepreneurs, position ourselves close to them so as to support and encourage them.

Key elements of the project

It is relevant to know the product or service in depth

Not only do you have to believe in the project, but also make it work in a continuously changing world. Analytical skills in this regard are essential. We distinguish ourselves by our experience in startups and our ability to accompany projects through their growth process.