Otilia Bonny

Otilia currently works at Inversiones San Felipe (INSAFE) in estate management and digitization and implementation of new technologies. She is a member of the board of directors of Travesía Capital, a company related to the promotion of real estate investments and financial capital investments. Previously, in 2019, she worked as a digital consultant at the Centro Integral Médico Especializado (CIME) and worked for three years at the Science & Innovation Link Office (SILO), as a consultant on projects related to R&D&i in the public and health sector.

Her experience also covers fields such as forensic and clinical genetics (CGC Genetics), molecular and cell biology (X-Pol Biotech and Coretherapix) and proteomics (Institute of Biochemistry II, at the Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main) .

She has a degree in Biotechnology and Direction and Management of Biotechnological Companies from the Francisco de Vitoria University, with a master's degree in Forensic Sciences. She has also completed other studies: Criminalistics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Autonomous University of Madrid), European Expert in Food Safety from the Asociación Española para la Calidad (Spanish Association for Quality) and Digital Consultant from the Fundación Universitaria de Las Palmas (University Foundation of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).